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  1. Accounting for Haiti Aid Funds 2012

    The Cooperating Aid Organisations (SHO) again made improvements in several important areas of their accounts for 2012 and there ...

    Report | 11-12-2013

  2. Monitoring development cooperation policy

    State in 2012 The Court of Audit has completed the fourth in a series of audits of development cooperation policy. We audited the ...

    Report | 13-11-2013

  3. Accounting for bilateral development aid

    Case study of sectoral budget support for Uganda The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the accounts kept for sectoral ...

    Report | 01-11-2012

  4. Accounting for Haiti aid funds 2011

    The Netherlands Cooperative Aid Agencies (SHO) have made significant progress in the reconstruction of Haiti and have used Dutch ...

    Report | 01-11-2012

  5. Monitoring development cooperation policy; 2011 figures

    The Court of Audit has carried out its third audit of development cooperation policy. We investigated whether the Rutte/Verhagen ...

    Report | 27-06-2012

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