European Union

The European Union is effectively the fourth tier of government in the Netherlands alongside the local authorities, provincial councils and central government. Moreover, its role is becoming increasingly important. Virtually all policy areas are affected in some way by EU policy.

European laws must be either implemented in full (in the case of Regulations) or transposed into Dutch law (in the case of Directives). The Netherlands receives annual European grants and also makes annual financial contributions to the European budget. 

The Netherlands Court of Audit regularly audits how the money that the Netherlands receives from and pays to the European Union is spent. We examine whether European grants are spent in accordance with the rules, and whether they are effective. For instance, we audited how the EU responded to the financial crisis and how this panned out in the Netherlands. We also assess whether the Dutch government provides a proper account of the way in which EU grants are spent.

Our EU-themed web pages highlight three main themes. Each theme centres on a number of questions. Click on a question to view the answer. Our EU landing page also lists all our audits involving the EU.

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Latest update October 14, 2020.