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  1. Focus on dairy farming grants in the Netherlands

    Under the EU eco-scheme, dairy farmers in the Netherlands who do more for the climate, nature and the environment receive higher ...

    Report | 27-06-2024

  2. Pathway out of the pandemic

    Audit of COVID-19 vaccine procurement The Netherlands procured 102 million COVID-19 vaccines at a cost of €1.8 billion in 2020 ...

    Report | 10-04-2024

  3. EU Law in Practice

    As a member of the European Union, the Netherlands usually loses when the European Commission takes formal steps to resolve its ...

    Report | 15-06-2023

  4. Added Value of EU Grants in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands spent more than €7.4 billion in EU grants in 2014-2020. The European Commission and 4 Dutch ministers are ...

    Report | 18-10-2022

  5. Preparation for resolution of medium-sized and small banks in the euro area

    Results of a parallel audit of supreme audit institions on banking resolution Seven supreme audit institutions in the euro area ...

    Report | 16-12-2020

  6. Focus on the Netherlands’ net payment position

    The Netherlands’ contributions to and receipts from the EU A recurrent theme in the negotiation of the European Union’s new ...

    Report | 14-10-2020

  7. The cyber security of the border controls operated by Dutch border guards at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

    The cyber security of the border controls carried out by Dutch border guards at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is neither adequate ...

    Report | 20-04-2020

  8. Bank resolution in the Netherlands

    How does De Nederlandsche Bank prepare for possible failure of medium-sized and small banks? Since 1 January 2016, the European ...

    Report | 12-12-2019

  9. Livestock manure policy

    Sustainable livestock farming: follow-up audit 2019 The Netherlands Court of Audit has audited the livestock farming sector’s ...

    Report | 20-06-2019

  10. Report on the National Declaration 2019

    Report | 15-05-2019