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  1. State of central government accounts 2023

    Think big, act realistically Accountability Audit 2023: little insight into results of additional funding The fourth Rutte ...

    Report | 15-05-2024

  2. Pathway out of the pandemic

    Audit of COVID-19 vaccine procurement The Netherlands procured 102 million COVID-19 vaccines at a cost of €1.8 billion in 2020 ...

    Report | 10-04-2024

  3. Focus on strategic stocks

    The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the government’s strategic stocks and their availability during an emergency. The ...

    Report | 29-09-2022

  4. A worrying lack of decisiveness

    Audit of the policy to combat care fraud  Measures to combat fraud involving public care funds rarely if ever work in practice. ...

    Report | 14-04-2022

  5. In care, out of sight

    Are patients receiving good forensic care? It is uncertain whether the forensic care provided to convicts helps their recovery ...

    Report | 23-03-2022

  6. Corona crisis: the risks of sureties and loans to public finances

    The State of the Netherlands has provided sureties and loans to an amount of €62.7 billion in recent months to cushion the ...

    Report | 25-11-2020

  7. Insured for Sensible Care

    The Sensible Care programme’s contribution to the appropriate use of the standard health insurance package 2014-2019 The Health ...

    Report | 13-10-2020

  8. Corona testing. What happened in the spring

    More people could probably have been tested for coronavirus in the first months of the pandemic’s outbreak. Testing equipment was ...

    Report | 23-09-2020

  9. No Place for Big Problems

    Tackling specialist mental healthcare waiting lists The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the approach to tackling ...

    Report | 25-06-2020

  10. Summary of our publication: Miracle cure or sticking plaster? The results of negotiations on the prices of medicines

    By signing a growing number of price agreements with pharmaceutical companies, the Dutch Minister for Medical Care is helping to ...

    Report | 23-04-2020