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  1. Funding of curative mental healthcare

    An audit of the funding of curative mental healthcare. More than a million people in the Netherlands receive mental healthcare ...

    Report | 26-01-2017

  2. Care Agreements

    Expenditure management in the health care sector, part 4 We have audited the impact of the Care Agreements on the management of ...

    Report | 06-12-2016

  3. Regional differences in long-term health care

    Possible explanations for care use by elderly and chronically ill Regional differences in the use of long-term health care are ...

    Report | 09-06-2015

  4. Basic health insurance package

    Expenditure management in the health care sector part 3 The removal of certain treatments from the basic health insurance package ...

    Report | 28-04-2015

  5. Macrobudgets for the Youth Act and Social Support Act 2015

    Audit of the calculations

    Report | 13-05-2014

  6. Reform of the Exceptional Medical Expenses Insurance Scheme

    A simulation of the consequences The Court of Audit has carried out a simulation to help prepare for the reform of long-term ...

    Report | 22-04-2014

  7. Transparency of hospital expenditure

    Expenditure management in de the healthcare sector part 2 About €64 billion of public money was spent on healthcare in 2012; €20 ...

    Report | 28-10-2013

  8. Quality Indicators in the Care Sector

    The quality of care provision must be transparent. Transparency helps patients choose what care they receive, care insurers ...

    Report | 28-03-2013

  9. Central Government and Dutch Caribbean: fulfilment of agreements

    On 10 October 2010 constitutional reform took place in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On that date the islands of Bonaire, St ...

    Report | 22-11-2012

  10. Budget for decentralisation of exceptional medical expenses assistance

    Audit of the calculation At the request of the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and of the Association of ...

    Report | 31-05-2012

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