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Data management: the system of basic registers for citizens and businesses

Basic registers contain information on our identity, income, work, homes and vehicles – to give just a few examples. The ...

Report | 18-06-2019

Tax and Customs Administration steps up data-driven selection of tax returns

The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration cannot check every return it receives. It is therefore using electronic data to identify ...

Report | 11-06-2019

VAT on Cross-Border Digital Services

Enforcement by the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration The growth of e-commerce presents a risk to the assessment and ...

Report | 28-11-2018

The Digital Revolution: threat or opportunity for the audit profession?

Speech | 01-06-2017

The Digital Revolution

Presentation The Digital Revolution. Opportunities and Challenges for SAI’s  

Publication | 31-05-2017

ICT in the Police Service 2016

Follow-up audit of ICT governance and basic law enforcement and detection systems in the national police service Policemen and ...

Report | 13-12-2016

Renewal of electronic identification and authentication system (eID system)

The government wants all its transactions with the public and businesses to be settled electronically by 2017. The public and ...

Report | 08-09-2016

Open Data Trend Report 2016

The availability of open data has doubled in the past year but the increase has been due chiefly to the inclusion of data from ...

Report | 24-03-2016

Open Data Trend Report 2015

The government can provide a lot more open data than it currently does. Internationally, more data are being published as open ...

Report | 31-03-2015

Basic Registers

Seen from the perspective of citizens, anti-fraud measures and governance Published on: 29 October 2014The Court of Audit has ...

Report | 29-10-2014

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