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  1. State of central government accounts 2023

    Think big, act realistically Accountability Audit 2023: little insight into results of additional funding The fourth Rutte ...

    Report | 15-05-2024

  2. Focus on hazardous working conditions

    Some 200,000 people suffer an accident at work every year in the Netherlands. About 60 die as a result. An estimated 4,000 people ...

    Report | 10-10-2023

  3. Digital Identity Demanding a Lot from DigiD and eHerkenning

    Report | 29-03-2023

  4. An Audit of 9 Algorithms used by the Dutch Government

    Responsible use of algorithms by government agencies is possible but not always the case in practice. The Netherlands Court of ...

    Report | 18-05-2022

  5. Inventory of state-owned assets

    The most normal thing in the world? The Dutch central government does not have a full inventory of its assets or know what their ...

    Report | 01-12-2021

  6. Understanding algorithms

    The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the Dutch government’s use of algorithms. The government, like private companies, ...

    Report | 26-01-2021

  7. An invisible problem

    Poor quality of data on environmental crime and offences Typing errors, records entered under different names and inconsistent ...

    Report | 20-01-2021

  8. Focus on digital home working

    Between July and October 2020, the Netherlands Court of Audit investigated what ICT tools the staff of Dutch ministries and High ...

    Publication | 02-11-2020

  9. The cyber security of the border controls operated by Dutch border guards at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

    The cyber security of the border controls carried out by Dutch border guards at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is neither adequate ...

    Report | 20-04-2020

  10. Data management: the system of basic registers for citizens and businesses

    Basic registers contain information on our identity, income, work, homes and vehicles – to give just a few examples. The ...

    Report | 18-06-2019