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NPO unable to manage public broadcasting efficiently

Broadcasting companies provide NPO with too little information on television programme costs The Dutch Public Broadcaster (NPO) ...

News item | 10-12-2019 | 14:30

Citizens and businesses not yet at centre of basic registers

Citizens and businesses find it too complicated to correct errors in the government’s basic registers. They still cannot report ...

News item | 18-06-2019 | 16:00

Billions placed in revolving funds but little accountability

The Dutch government is increasingly using revolving funds to achieve social goals, for example to encourage domestic energy ...

News item | 16-04-2019 | 17:30

University real estate management open to improvement

Real estate management and its supervision by supervisory boards at Dutch universities are in order but could be improved. The ...

News item | 18-01-2018 | 13:09

Employee Insurance Agency working satisfactorily, but the future is less certain

Changing political ambitions frustrate mediation on job market

News item | 31-01-2017 | 11:06

Improve accountability for university real state risks

The Court of Audit published its first report on the financial supervision of real estate plans at universities on 6 October 2016.

News item | 06-10-2016 | 11:51

Financial position of secondary schools recovering as a whole but differences between schools still significant

Mismatch between funding system and practice

News item | 30-06-2014 | 09:41

Supervision of housing associations cautious and incomplete

Define core and secondary tasks and implement regulations quickly

News item | 04-06-2014 | 10:00

Take a coherent approach to government plans for autonomous administrative authorities

The government has big plans for the provision of public services by autonomous administrative authorities.

News item | 20-03-2014 | 10:21

House of Representatives has only limited insight into consequences of spending cuts

The House of Representatives and the government must be alert to the accumulation of spending cuts at executive organisations.

News item | 24-01-2013 | 11:47