Audit of crisis measures in response to high energy prices

The Netherlands Court of Audit is investigating the effect in the Netherlands of various energy crisis measures the government took following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The House of Representatives was informed of the investigation by letter of 30 November 2023.

The Court will assess the regularity of financial support measures such as the price cap for households and businesses. It will also determine whether sufficient measures were taken to prevent misuse of subsidies, paying particular attention to the TEK energy cost contribution for energy-intensive SMEs.
The Court of Audit expects to publish its audit report on the third Wednesday in May (Accountability Day). In doing so, it will meet the House of Representatives’ call in the motion submitted by MPs Pieter Omtizgt and others for it to investigate energy crisis measures.

The letter also refers to investigations carried out by other institutions and regulators.

The letter is only in Dutch available.