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  1. Audit of crisis measures in response to high energy prices

    The Netherlands Court of Audit is investigating the effect in the Netherlands of various energy crisis measures the government ...

    News item | 30-11-2023 | 00:00

  2. Netherlands Court of Audit: public services benefit from earlier and clearer GDPR decisions

    Provision of public services is often below standard because implementing organisations look upon privacy rules (as laid down in ...

    News item | 30-03-2023 | 16:00

  3. Policy on care fraud is mainly to hold meetings

    Little action on suspected fraud: likelihood of detection low Measures to combat fraud involving public care funds rarely if ever ...

    News item | 14-04-2022 | 13:00

  4. Tax and Customs Administration making fewer tax adjustments for false self-employment

    False self-employment at low risk of detection The Tax and Customs Administration’s approach to false self-employment in the ...

    News item | 05-04-2022 | 18:30

  5. More consideration for preventing misuse of the NOW furlough scheme

    Investigation by the Netherlands Court of Audit To prevent misuse of the new round of the NOW furlough scheme, more applications ...

    News item | 23-09-2020 | 00:00

  6. Citizens and businesses not yet at centre of basic registers

    Citizens and businesses find it too complicated to correct errors in the government’s basic registers. They still cannot report ...

    News item | 18-06-2019 | 16:00

  7. Tax and Customs Administration implementing right policy to check tax returns but lacks information on optimal capacity

    Focus enforcement more on SMEs and on information on large corporations

    News item | 30-11-2016 | 11:22

  8. Increase in investments to combat money laundering, insight into results still inadequate

    As in 2008 government policy goals still uncertain and lacking direction

    News item | 06-03-2014 | 10:26

  9. Boost to combating VAT fraud

    FIOD figures reveal decline in size of carousel fraud

    News item | 27-09-2012 | 14:37

  10. Inadequate overview of measures to combat alcohol and tobacco excise duty fraud

    The common European policy on excise duty is not preventing fraud involving excise duties on tobacco products and alcoholic ...

    News item | 05-06-2012 | 14:52