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  1. The human dimension at the UWV

    Audit of the implementation and impact of the employee incapacity insurance scheme Many people are trapped by government rules. ...

    Report | 18-04-2024

  2. Special Purpose Grants Awarded to the Caribbean Netherlands

    Parliament receives incomplete or inadequately reliable information from the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) ...

    Report | 23-06-2021

  3. Budgetary leeway in the forecasts? Multiyear forecasts audited

    We conclude from our audit of five cases that parliament lacks the information necessary to correctly assess the underpinning and ...

    Report | 22-06-2021

  4. Out of sight

    What became of the spending cuts proposed in 2011 for the Ministry of Defence’s budget? The Netherlands Court of Audit has ...

    Report | 13-04-2021

  5. Corona crisis: the risks of sureties and loans to public finances

    The State of the Netherlands has provided sureties and loans to an amount of €62.7 billion in recent months to cushion the ...

    Report | 25-11-2020

  6. Individual support to companies during the corona crisis

    Have lessons from the past been applied? Ministers applied lessons learned from previous support operations when assessing ...

    Report | 12-11-2020

  7. Summary of our publication: Miracle cure or sticking plaster? The results of negotiations on the prices of medicines

    By signing a growing number of price agreements with pharmaceutical companies, the Dutch Minister for Medical Care is helping to ...

    Report | 23-04-2020

  8. Insight into Public Funds (part 2)

    Towards future-proof policy budgeting Parliament’s right to approve the central government budget would be strengthened if ...

    Report | 12-09-2019

  9. Data-driven selection of tax returns by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

    The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration cannot check every return it receives. It is therefore using electronic data to identify ...

    Report | 11-06-2019

  10. Revolving funds

    The main question in this exploratory audit was ‘What does the landscape of central government’s revolving funds look like and ...

    Report | 16-04-2019