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Costs and benefits of budgetary measures 2011-2016

Audit of six years’ spending cuts and tax increases A wide range of measures have been announced in recent years to improve the ...

Report | 03-10-2016

Understanding public money flows

Invitation to debate the issue of public accountability What do future parliaments need to gain an insight into how future ...

Report | 13-07-2016

Budget reserves

Putting money to one side as a budgeting instrument Ministers can put money to one side in a budget reserve. This is useful if it ...

Report | 24-03-2016

Projecting tax revenue

There are shortcomings in the way in which the Ministry of Finance estimates future tax revenue To a certain extent, the spending ...

Report | 24-09-2015

The State as Public Shareholder

On the management of State owned enterprises The policy on the management of state holdings is based on the government being an ...

Report | 07-04-2015

Letter to the House about Review of the tax system

Report | 19-03-2015

Tax Avoidance

At the request of the House of Representatives, the Court of Audit has carried out an audit of tax avoidance in relation to the ...

Report | 06-11-2014

Use of natural gas revenues: facts, figures and scenarios

The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated how much money has been earned from the Groningen natural gas field since 1960 ...

Report | 07-10-2014

Implementation and impact of increasing insurance premium tax

The Court of Audit published an audit report on the implementation and impact of increasing insurance premium tax on 3 September ...

Report | 02-09-2014

Implementation and impact of reforming the tax credit for green investments

The Court of Audit published an audit report on the reform of the tax credit available for green investments on 2 September 2014. ...

Report | 02-09-2014