Corona Account – 2021 Budget Day edition

The 234 measures taken to combat the COVID-19 crisis in the period 2020-2022 will cost the Netherlands an estimated €82.1 billion. The figure is presented in the Corona Account, in which the Netherlands Court of Audit has been tracking the budgeted and actual cost of the pandemic since its outbreak. The latest edition of the Corona Account includes the expenditure presented in the 2022 Budget Memorandum.

Expenditure is expected to decline in the coming year, mainly because business support schemes will be phased out. On 1 October 2021, for instance, income support measures such as the NOW, Tozo and TVL schemes will come to an end. As a result, the National Education Programme will receive the highest amount, €3.7 billion. Total expenditure has been budgeted at €10.8 billion.|

In the current year approximately €6 billion less has been spent on combating the COVID-19 crisis than forecast in the spring memorandum. The final total of all expenditure will probably not be known until after 2022. Businesses that have received too much must repay the excess. This is expected to lead to billions of euros in repayments in the coming years, chiefly in respect of the NOW scheme.

The Corona Account is only available in Dutch.