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Advisory Committee regarding the Government Accounting System

The Minister of Finance and the President of the Court of Audit have signed a request for advice from the newly-established ...

News item | 07-07-2016 | 12:02

Little information on budget reserves

Ministers increasingly using budget reserves to put money to one side

News item | 24-03-2016 | 13:02

National MPs must act to ensure sustainable finances

Speaking at a conference on stability, coordination and governance in the Economic and Monetary Union in Brussels on 17 February ...

News item | 17-02-2016 | 13:07

Tax revenue projections need to be clearer

There are shortcomings in the way in which the Ministry of Finance estimates future tax revenue

News item | 24-09-2015 | 13:59

Government influence on state holdings less than intended under government policy

Government holds shares in 37 companies; annual dividend of €3 to 5 billion

News item | 07-04-2015 | 14:56

Audit of tax expenditure: more than €18 billion a year

In a letter of 19 March 2015 to the House of Representatives and a related web dossier, the Court of Audit draws attention to the ...

News item | 19-03-2015 | 15:03

Use the momentum of Tax system reform to enhance efficiency

The government and House of Representative’s wishes to revise the tax system prompted the Court of Audit to send a letter to the ...

News item | 19-03-2015 | 15:01

Dutch tax rules not exceptional, but favourable for international enterprises

International payment flows through the Netherlands increasing in size

News item | 06-11-2014 | 10:24

Lessons learnt from the FES important for the establishment of the Future Fund

Three scenarios for the future of natural gas revenues

News item | 07-10-2014 | 08:46

Impact of increasing insurance premium tax

The Court of Audit published an audit report on the implementation and impact of increasing insurance premium tax on 3 September ...

News item | 02-09-2014 | 09:18