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  1. Organised Impotence

    The role of central government in youth protection The Dutch government transferred responsibility for youth protection to ...

    Report | 13-04-2023

  2. Insight into Inspection Reports

    Audit of the effect of 3 reports issued by the Justice and Security Inspectorate The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated ...

    Report | 26-01-2022

  3. Focus on access to long-term care

    An audit of access to long-term care. This focus audit looked at the facts surrounding access to long-term care under the ...

    Report | 06-06-2018

  4. Macrobudgets for the Youth Act and Social Support Act 2015

    Audit of the calculations

    Report | 13-05-2014

  5. Reform of the Exceptional Medical Expenses Insurance Scheme

    A simulation of the consequences The Court of Audit has carried out a simulation to help prepare for the reform of long-term ...

    Report | 22-04-2014

  6. Budget for decentralisaion of youth care

    Check of the calculation The central government and municipalities want to position government tasks closer to the public. The ...

    Report | 18-06-2013

  7. Municipal youth and family centres

    A joint audit with municipal audit offices We have audited the establishment of Youth and Family Centres (CJGs). Together with ...

    Report | 13-06-2012

  8. Detention, treatment and follow-up care for young offenders; Impact Assessment

    The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the detention, treatment and follow-up care for young offenders. In this impact ...

    Report | 22-03-2012