Current audits

Audit Expected publication date
Added value of EU grants  29 September 2022
Strategic reserves  September 2022
Thematic letter:  Audits on government revenue 6 October 2022
Sustainable forestry management  12 October 2022
Follow-up audit on the social results of revolving funds  29 November 2022
Implementation of EU regulations in the Netherlands  1 December 2022
Corporate energy transition; financial policy tools in practice  6 December 2022
Payment regulations at implementing organisations  Fourth quarter of 2022
The role of central government in child protection  First quarter of 2023
DigiD & eRecognition and digital identities  First quarter of 2023
Accounting for and learning from development cooperation Third  quarter of 2023
Equal opportunities in secondary vocational education  Fourth quarter of 2023
Corona vaccines To be confirmed
MH17 costs  To be confirmed