Using visuals in audits - online course now available in five languages

SAI auditors can convey complex audit information that educates, motivates and engages audiences by using visuals effectively. Learn how to apply this skill with the Visuals in Audits online learning course, available on the AFROSAI-E Learning Platform (ALP). The Netherlands Court of Audit developed the course by building on the insights of their Design Audit Team.

The course is now available in five languages, English, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Dutch, and can be found under the category: Innovative Audit Skills. Staff from all SAIs world-wide can access the course free of charge for self-paced learning.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Click on the link to read the article, Visual Stories That Transform Audit Speak Into Engaging, Understandable Reports, that appeared in the INTOSAI Journal in Winter 2019.

The course includes five modules and will take a learner about 90 minutes to complete in full.  

  1. Basics of visual theory: The basics of visual theory.
  2. Visuals to analyse: How to use visuals to structure and analyse audit data.
  3. Visuals to get on the same page: How visuals can help you, your team and your supervisors collaborate to get on the same page.
  4. Visuals to get the message across: How visual stories can deliver your audit message to your audience.
  5. How to brief a designer? How to brief a designer to make visual stories that fit your audit.

To access the course, go to the AFROSAI-E Learning Platform (ALP). If you are a first-time user, click on register and complete the profile information. You will receive an email confirming access within 24 hours. With your confirmed username and password, you can then log in on ALP, go to the Innovative Audit Skills category, enrol for the Visuals in Audits course in your preferred language, and start learning.

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