Design Audit Studio

The Design Audit Studio has been using design techniques since 2018 to enrich the Netherlands Court of Audit’s audits and make complex information more accessible. A multidisciplinary team of auditors and designers advises on how to create a shared and common image, form effective partnerships and discover new perspectives and operating frameworks.

Visualising and explaining information in concrete terms helps auditors arrive at new insights and understand why stakeholders – members of parliament, ministers, civil servants and other interested parties – require practical and accessible knowledge products. Members of the Design Audit Studio apply established techniques or develop their own methods to meet a project’s requirements and achieve the intended goals.

Latest News

Systems mapping


Our auditors often have to analyse large volumes of data from a range of sources. System maps are a useful way to create an overview of overlapping systems and to analyse how they are connected. Read more about how the Court of Audit uses systems mapping.

Design skills at the Court of Audit


The Court of Audit uses auditors with design skills to increase the impact of its audits. These auditors are part of the Design Audit Studio, a team using methods from the world of design. You can find out more about their work in the article Ontwerpkracht gaat over concreet maken en doen (in Dutch) in Agenda Stad.

Innovation in audit


The Court of Audit’s Design Audit Studio recently held a webinar for 80 auditors from all over the world to present its innovation in audit work. A recording of the presentation is available here.

First Aid for Estimates


Last year, the  D esign Audit Studio developed a tool called First Aid for Estimates. This interactive PDF helps members of parliament and other stakeholders strengthen their grip on multiyear estimates of ministerial budget articles.


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