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  1. Corona crisis: the risks of sureties and loans to public finances

    The State of the Netherlands has provided sureties and loans to an amount of €62.7 billion in recent months to cushion the ...

    Report | 25-11-2020

  2. Individual support to companies during the corona crisis

    Have lessons from the past been applied? Ministers applied lessons learned from previous support operations when assessing ...

    Report | 12-11-2020

  3. The Netherlands Court of Audit’s COVID-19 related activities

    The Netherlands Court of Audit is keeping a close eye on the public accountability for the financial measures taken to address ...

    Publication | 06-11-2020

  4. Focus on digital home working

    Between July and October 2020, the Netherlands Court of Audit investigated what ICT tools the staff of Dutch ministries and High ...

    Publication | 02-11-2020

  5. Annex 2 Decisions European Commissions State aid

    Publication | 22-10-2020

  6. Focus on the Netherlands’ net payment positon

    The Netherlands’ contributions to and receipts from the EU A recurrent theme in the negotiation of the European Union’s new ...

    Report | 14-10-2020

  7. Insured for Sensible Care

    The Sensible Care programme’s contribution to the appropriate use of the standard health insurance package 2014-2019 The Health ...

    Report | 13-10-2020

  8. Sights set on the replacement of submarines

    The study phase reviewed In 2016 the Minister of Defence commenced a new procurement project to replace its submarines. In ...

    Publication | 12-10-2020

  9. Corona testing. What happened in the spring

    More people could probably have been tested for coronavirus in the first months of the pandemic’s outbreak. Testing equipment was ...

    Report | 23-09-2020

  10. Annex 2 Decisions European Commissions State aid

    Publication | 03-07-2020