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Bank resolution in the Netherlands

How does De Nederlandsche Bank prepare for possible failure of medium-sized and small banks? Since 1 January 2016, the European ...

Report | 12-12-2019

Hilversum in View

Hilversum in View, The Efficiency of the Dutch Public Broadcaster The Dutch Public Broadcaster (NPO) is responsible for ...

Report | 10-12-2019

Vehicle taxation as a policy instrument

Vehicle taxes raised approximately €16.6 billion for the Dutch government in 2018. They consist of car and motorcycle tax (BPM), ...

Report | 27-11-2019

Income Schemes for the Elderly Dissected

The Dutch population is aging. Statistics Netherlands has forecast that there will be nearly half a million more people aged over ...

Report | 13-11-2019

How much money has the Netherlands already spent on the JSF?

The Netherlands first started spending money on the JSF in 1996. But how much money has it spent since then? And how does the ...

Frequently asked questions

Why does the price of the JSF go up all the time?

You often hear people saying that the price of the JSF just seems to go up and up. This impression is not entirely accurate, ...

Frequently asked questions

How much does a JSF cost?

How much does a JSF cost? This is one of the questions most frequently asked by visitors to our website. It’s also one of the ...

Frequently asked questions

Peer review Netherlands Court of Audit

The Court of Audit’s President, Arno Visser, and representatives of the supreme audit institutions of Sweden, Canada and the ...

Video | 02-10-2019

Diversity in permanent government advisory boards

The increase in female members of government advisory bodies has stagnated. In the past ten years the percentage has been ...

Report | 26-09-2019

Insight into Public Funds (part 2)

Towards future-proof policy budgeting Parliament’s right to approve the central government budget would be strengthened if ...

Report | 12-09-2019