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Education monitor

Dashboard to track developments in primary education, secondary education and secondary vocational education The Minister of ...

Report | 04-06-2015

The Art of Audit

In ‘The Art of Audit’ eight current and former presidents of supreme audit institutions who have played a leading role in the ...

Publication | 29-05-2015

Stuiveling: The Cabinet is not prepared: Time for implementation!

Government finances in order; concerns about operational activities

Publication | 20-05-2015

Report on the National Statement 2015

The National Statement is the method used by the Cabinet to render itself accountable to the European Commission and the Dutch ...

Report | 20-05-2015

Budgets cuts and intensification at the general intelligence and security service of the Netherlands (AIVD)

The consequences of budgetary turbulence, 2012-2015 We have conducted an investigation into the changes made to the AIVD’s budget ...

Report | 19-05-2015

Basic health insurance package

Expenditure management in the health care sector part 3 The removal of certain treatments from the basic health insurance package ...

Report | 28-04-2015

Promoting sustainable energy production in the Netherlands

Feasibility and affordability of policy goals The Minister of Economic Affairs introduced the Sustainable Energy Production ...

Report | 16-04-2015

The State as Public Shareholder

On the management of State owned enterprises The policy on the management of state holdings is based on the government being an ...

Report | 07-04-2015

Open Data Trend Report 2015

The government can provide a lot more open data than it currently does. Internationally, more data are being published as open ...

Report | 31-03-2015

Letter to the House about Review of the tax system

Report | 19-03-2015