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Letter to House of Representatives on EU bank supervision

The Netherlands Court of Audit wrote to the Dutch House of Representatives on 9 February on the matter of the supervision of ...

Report | 27-02-2015

Tennet's purchase of German high-voltage netwerk

The Netherlands Court of Audit audited the purchase of Transpower, the German high-voltage network, by TenneT, the Dutch ...

Report | 25-02-2015

Tennet's investments in the Dutch high-voltage netwerk

The Netherlands Court of Audit sought to establish whether the Dutch government takes proper care to guarantee that the ...

Report | 25-02-2015

EU Trend Report 2015

The EU Trend Report 2015 is the 13th annual report on trends in the EU’s financial management. It focuses on the way in which the ...

Report | 10-02-2015

Monitoring Development Cooperation Policy: multilateral organisations and the EU

The Court of Audit has carried out a fifth audit of developments in the expenditure of Official Development Assistance (ODA). We ...

Report | 09-12-2014

Accountability for Haiti aid 2013

People who donated to the Giro 555 appeal in the Netherlands cannot yet compare the results achieved by the cooperating aid ...

Report | 09-11-2014

Tax Avoidance

At the request of the House of Representatives, the Court of Audit has carried out an audit of tax avoidance in relation to the ...

Report | 06-11-2014

Basic Registers

Seen from the perspective of citizens, anti-fraud measures and governance Published on: 29 October 2014The Court of Audit has ...

Report | 29-10-2014

Maintaining the main road network

The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the budgetary problems surrounding the maintenance of the main road network in ...

Report | 15-10-2014

Use of natural gas revenues: facts, figures and scenarios

The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated how much money has been earned from the Groningen natural gas field since 1960 ...

Report | 07-10-2014