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Budget for decentralisaion of youth care

Check of the calculation The central government and municipalities want to position government tasks closer to the public. The ...

Report | 18-06-2013

Contract management of DBFMO projects

Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate (DBFMO) contracts are a form of public private partnership that the government uses ...

Report | 06-06-2013

Sustainable intensive livestock farming: follow-up audit 2013

The Court of Audit has carried out a follow-up to its 2008 audit of sustainable intensive livestock farming in the Netherlands. ...

Report | 22-05-2013

State of Central Government Accounts 2012

Civil service reform, allocation of responsiblities uncertain. Uncertain whether govenment will hit targets; improvements in ...

Report | 15-05-2013

Report on the national declaration 2013

Positive opinion on Duch nationale declaration 2013. No information on Dutch remittances to EU and on efficiency The accounts ...

Report | 15-05-2013

Lessons Learned from Government ICT Projects 2012

This report considers central government's approach to ICT projects. The efficiency of ICT projects is a recurring source of ...

Report | 28-03-2013

Quality Indicators in the Care Sector

The quality of care provision must be transparent. Transparency helps patients choose what care they receive, care insurers ...

Report | 28-03-2013

Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012 Netherlands Court of Audit, March 2013.

Annual report | 28-03-2013

EU Trend Report 2013

Developments in the financial management of the European Union The EU Trend Report 2013 is the 11th edition of an annual report ...

Report | 07-02-2013

Sustainable Fisheries: impact assessment

This impact assessment looks back at an audit of the sustainability of plaice and sole fishing we carried out in 2008. The audit ...

Report | 07-02-2013