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Letter to the House of Representatives on limited powers to audit financial supervisors

In a letter to the House of Representatives, the Court of Audit has referred to the limitations currently in place preventing it ...

Report | 25-01-2013

Spending cuts at executive organisations

We have audited the spending cuts being made at executive organisations that carry on a public task, such as the public ...

Report | 24-01-2013

Administrative burden of teaching hours in secondary vocational education

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science's supervision of secondary vocational education institutions produces an ...

Report | 17-01-2013

European public procurement

European rules on public procurement are complicated and compliance is poor throughout Europe, including in the Netherlands. The ...

Report | 27-11-2012

Central Government and Dutch Caribbean: fulfilment of agreements

On 10 October 2010 constitutional reform took place in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On that date the islands of Bonaire, St ...

Report | 22-11-2012

Adaptation to climate change: strategy and policy

Average temperatures on earth are rising. They are leading to an increase in sea levels, the melting of glaciers, higher (and ...

Report | 15-11-2012

Accounting for bilateral development aid

Case study of sectoral budget support for Uganda The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the accounts kept for sectoral ...

Report | 01-11-2012

Accounting for Haiti aid funds 2011

The Netherlands Cooperative Aid Agencies (SHO) have made significant progress in the reconstruction of Haiti and have used Dutch ...

Report | 01-11-2012

Cost of withdrawing from the Joint Strike Force programme

At the request of the Minister of Defence, the Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated three policy options concerning the ...

Report | 24-10-2012

Enforcement of the European Waste Shipment Regulation

Not all waste shipments are legal and there is a risk that waste shipped to countries outside Europe, in particular, will be ...

Report | 04-10-2012