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Care Agreements

Expenditure management in the health care sector, part 4 We have audited the impact of the Care Agreements on the management of ...

Report | 06-12-2016

The Tax and Customs Administration’s Enforcement Policy

At the request of the House of Representatives, we have audited the enforcement policy implemented by the Tax and Customs ...

Report | 30-11-2016

Transparency and accountability for NATO expenditure

Letter to parliament on developments in transparency and accountability for NATO expenditure.

Report | 03-11-2016

University real estate

Part 1: Financial supervision of the sector Public real estate is paid for from the public purse, represents public capital and ...

Report | 06-10-2016

Costs and benefits of budgetary measures 2011-2016

Audit of six years’ spending cuts and tax increases A wide range of measures have been announced in recent years to improve the ...

Report | 03-10-2016

Renewal of electronic identification and authentication system (eID system)

The government wants all its transactions with the public and businesses to be settled electronically by 2017. The public and ...

Report | 08-09-2016

Understanding public money flows

Invitation to debate the issue of public accountability What do future parliaments need to gain an insight into how future ...

Report | 13-07-2016

Tackling problem debt

Tackling problem debt is high on the agenda of both government and the House of Representatives. It is estimated that 16% of all ...

Report | 30-06-2016

National priorities for the Police force

Report on the audit of budget chapter VI Between 2003 and 2014 successive governments formulated more than 20 national priorities ...

Report | 18-05-2016

Reintegration of older unemployed people

Report on the audit of budget chapter XV More than 40% of the long-term unemployed in the Netherlands are older than 50. It is ...

Report | 18-05-2016