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  1. Insight into expenditure on climate policy

    How much money does the government spend on climate policy? The ministers concerned do not provide parliament with clear and ...

    Publication | 25-01-2023

  2. Energy Retrofit Fund: no free money

    Costs, results and lessons for revolving funds The National Energy Retrofit Fund (ERF) is a scheme to make homes sustainable. By ...

    Report | 13-12-2022

  3. Insight into Forest Management

    Staatsbosbeheer, forest management and forest strategy The image that has emerged in recent years that Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch ...

    Report | 06-12-2022

  4. Where is the black-tailed godwit?

    Policy to protect meadow birds is not working The policy to protect meadow birds such as the black-tailed godwit is not working. ...

    Report | 14-12-2021

  5. Enforcing in the Dark

    Combating to environmental crime and violations, part 2 The approach to environmental crime and violations is inadequate. An ...

    Report | 30-06-2021

  6. In Public Hands

    The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has not adequately explained why he is charging the state owned enterprises ...

    Report | 24-06-2021

  7. Protecting drinking water against geothermal risks

    Still waters in deep grounds The government inadequately protects drinking water aquifers against the risks of drilling for ...

    Report | 17-06-2021

  8. An invisible problem

    Poor quality of data on environmental crime and offences Typing errors, records entered under different names and inconsistent ...

    Report | 20-01-2021

  9. Vehicle taxes as a policy instrument

    Impact of electric cars and commercial vehicles on tax revenues, air quality and the climate  Tax incentives for electric cars ...

    Report | 24-06-2020

  10. Vehicle taxation as a policy instrument

    Vehicle taxes raised approximately €16.6 billion for the Dutch government in 2018. They consist of car and motorcycle tax (BPM), ...

    Report | 27-11-2019