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Tennet's investments in the Dutch high-voltage netwerk

The Netherlands Court of Audit sought to establish whether the Dutch government takes proper care to guarantee that the ...

Report | 25-02-2015

Wadden area: nature protection, nature management and spatial planning

Certain aspects of the Netherlands' nature policy and spatial planning policy have been decentralised in recent years in the ...

Report | 28-11-2013

Coordinated audit on the enforcement of the European Waste Shipment Regulation

Joint report based on eight national audits The supreme audit institutions of Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, ...

Report | 14-10-2013

Tradable rights and the environment

The whys and wherefores of trading systems for CO2 and NOx emission rights, fishing quotas, milk quotas and animal rights: an ...

Report | 25-06-2013

Sustainable intensive livestock farming: follow-up audit 2013

The Court of Audit has carried out a follow-up to its 2008 audit of sustainable intensive livestock farming in the Netherlands. ...

Report | 22-05-2013

Adaptation to climate change: strategy and policy

Average temperatures on earth are rising. They are leading to an increase in sea levels, the melting of glaciers, higher (and ...

Report | 15-11-2012

Enforcement of the European Waste Shipment Regulation

Not all waste shipments are legal and there is a risk that waste shipped to countries outside Europe, in particular, will be ...

Report | 04-10-2012

Gas roundabout: benefit, need and risks

The Netherlands as the European gas transmission hub The government wants the Netherlands to become the 'gas roundabout' of ...

Report | 14-06-2012

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