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  1. DNB: strict supervision of medium-sized and small banks

    De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB, the Dutch central bank) has set high capital requirements for the 30 or so medium-sized and small ...

    News item | 27-09-2017 | 18:00

  2. Website on credit crisis measures updated

    The Court of AuditĀ“s thematic website on the financial consequences of government measures taken in the financial sector since ...

    News item | 19-09-2014 | 08:49

  3. Credit crisis website updated: interest expense higher than dividend income

    The Court of Audit on 5 June 2014 updated its dedicated website on the measures taken by the State for the financial sector since ...

    News item | 05-06-2014 | 09:58

  4. Information on Credit Crunch website updated

    The figures on the themed website have been updated. The Court of Audit explained what changes have ...

    News item | 23-01-2014 | 10:53

  5. Comments on the Ministry of Finance's budget

    The Court of Audit will forward a series of letters on the government's 2014 budget to the House of Representatives in the coming ...

    News item | 26-09-2013 | 13:32

  6. Website on credit crisis measures updated

    We have updated our website dedicated to the measures taken by central government in the financial sector, ...

    News item | 26-09-2013 | 13:31

  7. Credit crisis website updated

    The Court of Audit has updated its website on the measures taken by the Dutch government to combat the crisis in the financial ...

    News item | 30-05-2013 | 11:22

  8. Court of Audit points out limited power to audit financial supervisors

    In a letter to the House of Representatives, the Court of Audit has referred to the limitations currently in place preventing it ...

    News item | 25-01-2013 | 11:45