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  1. How much money has the Netherlands already spent on the JSF?

    The Netherlands first started spending money on the JSF in 1996. But how much money has it spent since then? And how does the ...

    Frequently asked questions

  2. Why does the price of the JSF go up all the time?

    You often hear people saying that the price of the JSF just seems to go up and up. This impression is not entirely accurate, ...

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  3. How much does a JSF cost?

    How much does a JSF cost? This is one of the questions most frequently asked by visitors to our website. It’s also one of the ...

    Frequently asked questions

  4. The financial processes relating to the JSF programme

    International cooperation, national audit Are we paying the right amount for the JSF? That was the central question in this ...

    Report | 31-10-2018

  5. Validation of the policy document 'In the Interests of the Netherlands'

    At the request of the Minister of Finance, the Court of Audit has validated the vision of the armed forces of the future ...

    Report | 19-09-2013

  6. Cost of withdrawing from the Joint Strike Force programme

    At the request of the Minister of Defence, the Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated three policy options concerning the ...

    Report | 24-10-2012

  7. Acceptance of the Minister of Defence's request to investigate the cost of withdrawing from the JSF project

    Report | 27-08-2012

  8. Monitoring the Replacement of the F-16

    Situation in December 2011; deployability of the F-16 and developments concerning the Joint Strike Fighter The Netherlands Court ...

    Report | 03-04-2012