The Netherlands Court of Audit and the JSF

Ever since 2005, we have been conducting audits into the replacement of the F-16 and the purchase of the JSF. We regularly inform the Dutch parliament about our audit findings and have published countless reports and letters over the years. All our publications about the JSF have been posted on our website. 

We have far-reaching statutory powers to audit government bodies and private-sector companies working with public funds. We also examine confidential documents. In order for us to work on international audits involving other countries, the countries in question need to make international arrangements about the nature of our powers. Where the JSF is concerned, these powers are regulated in memoranda of understanding (MoUs)

Audits performed by other national audit offices

We also make use of the findings of audits performed by the national audit offices of other countries involved in the JSF programme. Every year, these national audit offices organise a special JSF conference in one of the partner countries, during which they share their audit findings with each other. The partner countries’ national audit offices also sometimes join forces to conduct joint audits.

Lessons learned from the JSF project

Our past audits of the JSF project have taught us some valuable lessons. These are set out in the section entitled Lessons learned from the JSF project.