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No public external audit of €240 billion in emergency aid

Little improvement in member states' accountability for European funds

News item | 07-02-2013 | 11:38

New Board member appointed to the Netherlands Court of Audit

The Dutch cabinet adopted the House of Representatives' nomination of Arno Visser (46) as a member of the Board of the ...

News item | 05-02-2013 | 11:42

Court of Audit points out limited power to audit financial supervisors

In a letter to the House of Representatives, the Court of Audit has referred to the limitations currently in place preventing it ...

News item | 25-01-2013 | 11:45

House of Representatives has only limited insight into consequences of spending cuts

The House of Representatives and the government must be alert to the accumulation of spending cuts at executive organisations.

News item | 24-01-2013 | 11:47

Compliance with 850 hours standard creates paperwork

Improve educational results in secondary vocational education rather than the administrative process.

News item | 17-01-2013 | 11:48

Conference of Public Private Partnership very successful

The Netherlands Court of Audit hosted an international conference of (Supreme) Audit Institutions: “Auditing Public Private ...

News item | 06-12-2012 | 14:26

Supervision of European public procurement practice required

Splitting up contracts at odds with centralisation of government procurement

News item | 27-11-2012 | 14:27

Health care and education agreements with BES islands observed

Relationship between Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba with The Hague assessed in two sectors

News item | 22-11-2012 | 14:29

Not all climate change risks covered by policy

Costs will be higher if measures are postponed, action required by new government

News item | 15-11-2012 | 14:31

Further improvement in SHO's accounts of Haiti aid donations

Aid organisations making slow progress in Haiti, some projects delayed

News item | 01-11-2012 | 14:34