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  1. Paying off debt to the government: improve customised payment schemes for vulnerable citizens

    Arbitrary tax schemes; little thought for living expenses The 3 largest government debt collectors in the Netherlands give little ...

    News item | 23-03-2023 | 16:00

  2. Four candidates to fill Board vacancy at Netherlands Court of Audit

    A list of four candidates has been drawn up to fill the vacancy on the Court of Audit’s Board. The Court forwarded its list of ...

    News item | 23-03-2023 | 12:00

  3. Netherlands Court of Audit presents inaugural Thesis Prize to historian Timen Sijens

    Timen Sijens (Groningen University) has won the Netherlands Court of Audit’s very first Thesis Prize for his thesis on the ...

    News item | 16-02-2023 | 16:30

  4. Defence real estate plan poorly explained

    The Ministry of Defence’s Strategic Real Estate Plan (SVP) is intended to put an end to long-lasting problems regarding the ...

    News item | 13-02-2023 | 00:00

  5. Netherlands Court of Audit publishes online course on Quality Management for SAIs

    News item | 06-02-2023 | 12:10

  6. Parliament has incomplete picture of climate expenditure

    Inconsistent amounts and definitions How much money does the government spend on climate policy? The ministers concerned do not ...

    News item | 25-01-2023 | 11:15

  7. Budget for asylum reception structurally too low

    Reception capacity for asylum seekers in a multiyear perspective In 2022 the Dutch government budgeted just over €500 million for ...

    News item | 18-01-2023 | 14:00

  8. A report has the same function as a painting or novel

    Farewell to Arno Visser Arno Visser stood down as President of the Netherlands Court of Audit during an extraordinary meeting of ...

    News item | 23-12-2022 | 09:00

  9. Fractional increase in Netherlands’ contribution to the EU

    The information on the Court of Audit’s EU webpages has been updated. It can now be seen that on balance the Netherlands paid ...

    News item | 15-12-2022 | 12:30

  10. Hidden costs of the National Energy Retrofit Fund

    The National Energy Retrofit Fund (ERF) is a scheme to make homes sustainable. By the end of 2021, the fund (initially called the ...

    News item | 13-12-2022 | 13:00