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Annual Report 2017

In the Annual Report 2017 we account for the results of our work last year.


Boundless growth of digital economy creates need for tighter tax supervision

Reader’s article published in Financieele Dagblad, 21 March 2018. Online transactions are much easier to conceal from the tax ...

Publication | 21-03-2018

Speech Vice-President Mr Ewout Irrgang at the 50th anniversary conference of Cour des Comptes tunesienne

Speech Vice-President Mr Ewout Irrgang of Netherlands Court of Audit at the 50th anniversary conference of Cour des Comptes ...

Speech | 08-03-2018

Letter to the House of Representatives on the Haiti audit

Parliamentary document: Letter to parliament | 05-03-2018

Investments in higher education

Research universities and universities of applied science collectively gave the Minister of Education, Culture and Science an ...

Report | 25-01-2018

University real estate, 20 years after the transfer of ownership

Part 2: real estate management and governance Dutch universities are planning to invest more than €3 billion in real estate in ...

Report | 18-01-2018


Video | 17-01-2018

Better accounts, better democracy

What happens to our taxes? The government uses outdated rules to account for them. That has to change, says Arno Visser, ...

Publication | 03-01-2018

Government Accounts Act 2016

Publication | 01-01-2018

Focus on crimes reported to the police that are likely to be solved

We investigated how much time passes between the moment someone makes a report and the moment the police begin to deal with it. ...

Report | 19-12-2017