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  1. Decisions on the European emergency funds

    Decisions on the European emergency funds were taken by the Eurogroup (the nineteen member states of the euro area) and by the EU ...

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  2. Inventory of state-owned assets

    The most normal thing in the world? The Dutch central government does not have a full inventory of its assets or know what their ...

    Report | 01-12-2021

  3. Conference Better Algorithms for better policies

    Speech Ewout Irrgang, Vice-President Netherlands Court of Audit, on conference Better Algorithms for better policies The Hague, ...

    Speech | 30-11-2021

  4. Presentation Understanding & auditing algorithms

    Publication | 30-11-2021

  5. Net payment position update

    Publication | 04-10-2021

  6. Offenders scot-free, victims not helped

    Problems tackling labour exploitation The increase in the number of inspectors at the SZW Inspectorate in recent years has not ...

    Report | 28-09-2021

  7. Appendix 1 Cost and benefit of EU measures 28-06-2021

    Publication | 05-07-2021

  8. Appendix 2 Receipt Netherlands from Horizon and state aid

    Publication | 05-07-2021

  9. Overview Corona related state aid EU member states

    Publication | 05-07-2021

  10. Enforcing in the Dark

    Combating to environmental crime and violations, part 2 The approach to environmental crime and violations is inadequate. An ...

    Report | 30-06-2021