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Video | 17-01-2018

Better accounts, better democracy

What happens to our taxes? The government uses outdated rules to account for them. That has to change, says Arno Visser, ...

Publication | 03-01-2018

Government Accounts Act 2016

Publication | 01-01-2018

Focus on crimes reported to the police that are likely to be solved

We investigated how much time passes between the moment someone makes a report and the moment the police begin to deal with it. ...

Report | 19-12-2017

Opinion article 'Risky gap in the control of European banking supervision'

Opinion article by the presidents of Germany’s Bundesrechnungshof and of the Netherlands’ Algemene Rekenkamer, Kay Scheller and ...

Publication | 14-12-2017

Report of the Task Force on European Banking Union to the Contact Committee of Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union and the European Court of Auditors

Report on prudential supervision of medium-sized and small (“less significant”) institutions in the European Union after the ...

Report | 14-12-2017

Growing audit gap in eurozone banking supervision

The supreme audit institutions of five European countries (Germany, Cyprus, Finland, Austria and the Netherlands) conclude in a ...

Press release | 14-12-2017

Gift tax exemption for owner-occupied homes

The temporary increase in the gift tax exemption for owner-occupied homes in 2013 and 2014 proved unexpectedly popular and a ...

Report | 06-12-2017

Pre-trial detention: suspects in the cells

The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the figures behind the developments and trends in pre-trial detention. Did the ...

Report | 14-11-2017

State of the Tax and Customs Administration’s Investment Agenda

An audit of the Tax and Customs Administration’s Investment Agenda. The audit again showed that problems at the Tax and Customs ...

Report | 11-10-2017