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Macro-prudential supervision

The European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) is designed to safeguard the soundness of the European financial system by undertaking ...

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The European Semester

The European Semester is the annual cycle of economic and budgetary policy coordination in the EU member states. The Semester ...

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EU macroeconomic surveillance: macroeconomic imbalances procedure

The EU monitors the macroeconomic situation in its member states. The European Commission keeps a scoreboard for each member ...

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Budget Surveillance in the EU

EU-member states are required to comply with the European budget requirements. They are obliged to balance out public income and ...

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Methodology of the organic logo experiment

Publication | 20-05-2020

EU organic logo in the Netherlands: no targeted measures to maintain consumer confidence

Publication | 20-05-2020

Air France – KLM share acquisition

This summary is part of the audit report of the Netherlands Court of Audit on the State’s acquisition of Air France-KLM shares, ...

Report | 20-05-2020

Price negotiations for medicines

The Netherlands Court of Audit has audited price negotiations on costly pharmaceuticals because the Netherlands are spending more ...

Video | 04-05-2020

Miracle cure or sticking plaster? 2020 The results of negotiations on the prices of medicines

Publication | 23-04-2020

Summary of our publication: Miracle cure or sticking plaster? The results of negotiations on the prices of medicines

By signing a growing number of price agreements with pharmaceutical companies, the Dutch Minister for Medical Care is helping to ...

Report | 23-04-2020