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An invisible problem

Poor quality of data on environmental crime and offences Typing errors, records entered under different names and inconsistent ...

Report | 20-01-2021

Preparation for resolution of medium-sized and small banks in the euro area

Results of a parallel audit of supreme audit institions on banking resolution Seven supreme audit institutions in the euro area ...

Report | 16-12-2020

Social security and labour market flexibility

Social safety nets for workers on flexible labour contracts: the current picture  The Netherlands Court of Audit performed a ...

Report | 09-12-2020

Netherlands Court of Audit’s activities relating to COVID-19 related activities

The Netherlands Court of Audit carefully examines public accountability for the financial aspects of corona-related measures. ...

Publication | 07-12-2020

Corona crisis: the risks of sureties and loans to public finances

The State of the Netherlands has provided sureties and loans to an amount of €62.7 billion in recent months to cushion the ...

Report | 25-11-2020

Individual support to companies during the corona crisis

Have lessons from the past been applied? Ministers applied lessons learned from previous support operations when assessing ...

Report | 12-11-2020

The Netherlands Court of Audit’s COVID-19 related activities

The Netherlands Court of Audit is keeping a close eye on the public accountability for the financial measures taken to address ...

Publication | 06-11-2020

Focus on digital home working

Between July and October 2020, the Netherlands Court of Audit investigated what ICT tools the staff of Dutch ministries and High ...

Publication | 02-11-2020

Annex 2 Decisions European Commissions State aid

Publication | 22-10-2020

Focus on the Netherlands’ net payment positon

The Netherlands’ contributions to and receipts from the EU A recurrent theme in the negotiation of the European Union’s new ...

Report | 14-10-2020