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Budget Surveillance in the EU

EU-member states are required to comply with the European budget requirements. They are obliged to balance out public income and ...

Frequently asked questions

How does the EU ensure that its member states keep their budgets in check?

The 1992 Maastricht Treaty laid the foundation for coordination of the economic policies of the EU member states. The treaty sets ...

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How will Brexit affect the Netherlands?

Brexit took place on 31 January 2020. This was the date on which the United Kingdom (UK) formally left the European Union (EU), ...

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What are the benefits of EU grants for the Netherlands?

European resources must be spent in compliance with the rules. But even if they are, this does not mean that the money has been ...

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Does the Netherlands spend EU grants in accordance with the rules?

The Dutch government publishes a report called the National Declaration every year, showing whether the Netherlands has spent the ...

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How much does the Netherlands pay into the EU budget and how much does it receive?

The EU member states finance approximately 95% of the EU budget. IIn 2019 EU revenue and expenditure totaled almost €160 billion. ...

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Methodology of the organic logo experiment

Publication | 20-05-2020

EU organic logo in the Netherlands: no targeted measures to maintain consumer confidence

Publication | 20-05-2020

Air France – KLM share acquisition

This summary is part of the audit report of the Netherlands Court of Audit on the State’s acquisition of Air France-KLM shares, ...

Report | 20-05-2020

Price negotiations for medicines

The Netherlands Court of Audit has audited price negotiations on costly pharmaceuticals because the Netherlands are spending more ...

Video | 04-05-2020