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Revolving funds

The main question in this exploratory audit was ‘What does the landscape of central government’s revolving funds look like and ...

Report | 16-04-2019

Strengthening the digital defences: the cyber security and critical water structures

An audit into how the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management is preparing to deal with cyber attacks against critical ...

Report | 28-03-2019

Real estate in the secondary vocational education sector

Questions about affordability Falling student numbers in the secondary vocational education (MBO) sector will exert pressure on ...

Report | 25-03-2019

Annual report of the Netherlands Court of Audit for 2018

In the Annual Report for 2018 we account for the results of our work in 2018.

Annual report | 21-03-2019

Lessons learned from the JSF project

Controlling major projects to procure defence materiel Lessons can be learnt from the Dutch government’s involvement in the ...

Report | 06-03-2019

Mitigation of DNB's Financial Risks

Role of the Minister of Finance An audit by the Netherlands Court of Audit has found that it is uncertain how the Minister of ...

Report | 19-02-2019

Performance auditing in the oil and gas industry

At a formal Kick-Off Meeting in South Africa’s Pretoria Member of the Board of the Netherlands Court of Audit Mr Ewout Irrgang ...

Speech | 04-02-2019

The impact and cost effectiveness of Dutch air quality policies

Publication | 30-01-2019

Air Quality Policy in the Netherlands

Publication in Regularity Audit Reports 2016 and 2017

Publication | 30-01-2019

RIVM Road traffic measures: impact on air quality and public health

Publication | 30-01-2019