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  1. EU Law in Practice

    As a member of the European Union, the Netherlands usually loses when the European Commission takes formal steps to resolve its ...

    Report | 15-06-2023

  2. Focus on Bird Flu

    The Netherlands is currently experiencing the worst outbreak of bird flu (avian influenza) since 2003. The virus is now infecting ...

    Report | 14-06-2023

  3. Closing conference Sharaka II

    Speech by Ewout Irrgang, acting President of the Netherlands Court of Audit, 12 june 2023 The Hague

    Speech | 12-06-2023

  4. Intervention in St Eustatius

    A case study in the Accountability Audit of Kingdom Relations For our 2022 Accountability Audit of Kingdom Relations we ...

    Publication | 17-05-2023

  5. Organised Impotence

    The role of central government in youth protection The Dutch government transferred responsibility for youth protection to ...

    Report | 13-04-2023

  6. Assessment framework Digital Identity Demanding a Lot from DigiD and eHerkenning

    Publication | 29-03-2023

  7. Digital Identity Demanding a Lot from DigiD and eHerkenning

    Report | 29-03-2023

  8. Payment schemes and government debt collection

    The 3 largest government debt collectors in the Netherlands give little thought to vulnerable citizens whose debt payments are so ...

    Report | 23-03-2023

  9. Insight into expenditure on climate policy

    How much money does the government spend on climate policy? The ministers concerned do not provide parliament with clear and ...

    Publication | 25-01-2023

  10. Focus on reception capacity for asylum seekers

    In 2022 the Dutch government budgeted just over €500 million for the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). In ...

    Report | 18-01-2023