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The financial processes relating to the JSF programme

International cooperation, national audit Are we paying the right amount for the JSF? That was the central question in this ...

Report | 31-10-2018

High-level meeting Sharaka

Speech by Mr Arno Visser, President of the Netherlands Court of Audit at the High-level meeting Sharaka, 7 October 2018, The ...

Speech | 17-10-2018

Focus on the cost of offshore wind energy

It has been claimed that the cost of energy generated by offshore wind turbines is about to fall spectacularly. According to a ...

Report | 27-09-2018

Insight into additional funding of the third Rutte government

Traceability and reasons for measures The reasons given in the budget documents the House of Representatives and the Senate ...

Report | 26-09-2018

Universal goals - universal approaches? Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and the SDGs

Opening speech Ms Francine Giskes 

Speech | 28-06-2018

Deployment of Dutch forces on UN mission to Mali

Good improvisation requires good preparation Lack of materiel, inadequate training, spare parts that don’t work: the Dutch ...

Report | 13-06-2018

Asylum inflow 2014-2016: a cohort of asylum seekers

The Netherlands Court of Audit concludes that the authorities involved in the asylum chain show great resilience when faced with ...

Report | 11-06-2018

Focus on access to long-term care

An audit of access to long-term care. This focus audit looked at the facts surrounding access to long-term care under the ...

Report | 06-06-2018

About the Netherlands Court of Audit

Video | 11-05-2018

Regularity audit

The Dutch government receives about 280 billion euros every year. It also spends about 280 billion euros every year. On ...

Video | 11-05-2018