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  1. Installation of drinking water and sanitation facilities in developing countries on schedule, but figures not entirely reliable

    Many good projects, but results are not always counted properly Between 2016 and 2022 the Minister for Foreign Trade and ...

    News item | 18-01-2024 | 15:00

  2. Budget for asylum reception structurally too low

    Reception capacity for asylum seekers in a multiyear perspective In 2022 the Dutch government budgeted just over €500 million for ...

    News item | 18-01-2023 | 14:00

  3. Billions placed in revolving funds but little accountability

    The Dutch government is increasingly using revolving funds to achieve social goals, for example to encourage domestic energy ...

    News item | 16-04-2019 | 17:30

  4. A year after the disaster, little aid actually spent on

    Half of the Netherlands' € 550 million aid contribution allocated to projects The country of Sint-Maarten needs more than just ...

    News item | 13-12-2018 | 12:45

  5. Letter from the Netherlands Court of Audit on the 2012 Haiti audit

    The Netherlands Court of Audit has written to the House of Representatives to explain the role it played in the 2012 audit of the ...

    News item | 05-03-2018 | 00:00

  6. Swift and well-organised start to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

    The Dutch government has firmly committed itself to the worldwide achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development ...

    News item | 19-09-2017 | 12:00

  7. Use of private companies to implement development cooperation spread over many countries and programmes

    Minister has limited insight into impact of the use of private companies to implement development assistance policy

    News item | 31-03-2016 | 12:59

  8. Lack of cooperation problematic in accounts for aid donations

    SHO aid organisations account for results in detail but not uniformly

    News item | 09-12-2014 | 10:11

  9. Comments on the Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation’s 2015 budget

    The letter on the Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation’s budget for 2015 considers, among other things, the ...

    News item | 10-11-2014 | 10:24

  10. Improvements in Haiti aid reports

    Explanation of outcomes not achieved still desired from aid organisations.

    News item | 11-12-2013 | 11:47

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