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  1. Make advance agreements on the additional €8.5 billion released for education

    In a letter to the House of Representatives, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science and the Minister for Primary and ...

    News item | 31-03-2021 | 13:00

  2. University real estate management open to improvement

    Real estate management and its supervision by supervisory boards at Dutch universities are in order but could be improved. The ...

    News item | 18-01-2018 | 13:09

  3. Improve accountability for university real state risks

    The Court of Audit published its first report on the financial supervision of real estate plans at universities on 6 October 2016.

    News item | 06-10-2016 | 11:51

  4. Economic study repaid from eight years’ income tax

    200-year-old Court of Audit carries out audits with and for school children

    News item | 05-06-2014 | 09:59

  5. Quality control in higher education not yet optimal in practice

    Systems in the Netherlands and Flanders are diverging

    News item | 12-09-2013 | 13:34

  6. Difficult to calculate overheads at higher professional education colleges

    Court of Audit: greater uniformity in accounting systems in the interest of colleges

    News item | 28-06-2012 | 14:42