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  1. Audit Compendium on the response to COVID-19

    The Contact Committee of presidents of Supreme Audit Institutions in the European Union and the European Court of Auditors has ...

    News item | 22-07-2021 | 08:46

  2. Combatting environmental crime is fumbling in the dark

    A small group of the 500 or so companies that work with large volumes of hazardous substances repeatedly violate environmental ...

    News item | 30-06-2021 | 15:00

  3. Alternatives to the involvement of state owned enterprises in energy transition inadequately studied

    The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has not adequately explained why he is charging the state owned enterprises ...

    News item | 24-06-2021 | 17:00

  4. BES islands: poor insight into special purpose grants

    Parliament receives incomplete or inadequate information from the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and the ...

    News item | 23-06-2021 | 17:30

  5. Multiyear forecasts not up to date or correct

    The Netherlands Court of Audit concludes from an audit of five cases that multiyear forecasts in the ministries’ budgets are ...

    News item | 22-06-2021 | 17:30

  6. Using visuals in audits – an online course by auditors, for auditors

    The Netherlands Court of Audit developed an online course, Visuals in Audits, to be used by auditors of Supreme Audit ...

    News item | 17-06-2021 | 13:00

  7. Drinking water aquifers inadequately protected against geothermal risks

    The government inadequately protects drinking water aquifers against the risks of drilling for geothermal energy. In the ...

    News item | 17-06-2021 | 11:00

  8. COVID-19 pandemic putting democratic scrutiny under pressure

    Regularity at issue The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on both society and public finances. The government spent €29 billion ...

    News item | 19-05-2021 | 10:45

  9. Integrated report 2020 of the Netherlands Court of Audit

    For the second year in succession the Netherlands Court of Audit published an integrated report on Accountability Day. Integrated ...

    News item | 19-05-2021 | 00:00

  10. Operational effectiveness of the AIVD and MIVD under pressure

    Little thought for implementation during preparation of the Intelligence and Security Services Act 2017 Preparation and ...

    News item | 22-04-2021 | 09:00