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Extraordinary Board member Mark van Twist to leave the Netherlands Court of Audit on 1 May

Having been sworn in as an extraordinary member of the Board of the Netherlands Court of Audit on 17 August 2004, Mark van Twist ...

News item | 02-04-2020 | 10:15

Audits during the corona crisis

People all over the world are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like the governments of many other countries, the ...

News item | 02-04-2020 | 00:00

Activity Report on 2019

Like many other countries, the Netherlands now finds itself in an unprecedented situation. The government has been forced to ...

News item | 26-03-2020 | 12:00

Analysis of 10 years of auditing the digitisation in central government

The Netherlands Court of Audit has analysed the audits it has carried out over the past 10 years of digitisation and the use of ...

News item | 18-03-2020 | 00:00

The Netherlands Court of Audit follows government Covid-19 guidelines

The Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA) is following government guidelines and policy with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently ...

News item | 13-03-2020 | 13:05

Police managers have incomplete picture of police strength

The picture that the managers of the Dutch police force have of the number of police officers who can actually be deployed does ...

News item | 18-02-2020 | 18:00

Fifteen years of findings on the benefits system

Netherlands Court of Audit shares lessons learned from its audits with parliament The benefits system the government uses to help ...

News item | 13-02-2020 | 11:30

NCA audit on algorithms

News item | 12-02-2020 | 00:00

Francine Giskes to leave the Board of the Netherlands Court of Audit on 15 October

As she is approaching the end of her statutory term of office, Francine Giskes has decided to resign from the Board of the ...

News item | 11-02-2020 | 00:00

NCA audit on special grant payments to Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba

The Netherlands Court of Audit recently started an audit on the special grants provided by the Dutch central government to the ...

News item | 05-02-2020 | 00:00