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House of Representatives: strengthen audit institutions’ position to audit banking supervision

On 13 February 2018, the Dutch House of Representatives voted in favour of a motion calling on the government to work in Europe ...

News item | 14-02-2018 | 13:01

Promised quality boost in higher education not yet complete

When the student grant system was replaced with a loan system, research universities and universities of applied science ...

News item | 25-01-2018 | 14:30

University real estate management open to improvement

Real estate management and its supervision by supervisory boards at Dutch universities are in order but could be improved. The ...

News item | 18-01-2018 | 13:09

Rural police teams respond slightly faster than urban police teams

On average, rural police teams respond slightly faster to reports of crimes that are likely to be solved than their counterparts ...

News item | 19-12-2017 | 00:00

Growing audit gap in banking supervision

President of the German and Dutch supreme audit institutions: "Worrying development". The supreme audit institutions of five ...

News item | 14-12-2017 | 06:00

Gift tax exemption for owner-occupied homes

About three-quarters of the people in the Netherlands who were gifted money in 2013 and 2014 to spend on their homes used it to ...

News item | 06-12-2017 | 15:30

Cornelis van der Werf sworn in as the Court of Audit’s new Secretary-General

Cornelis van der Werf was sworn in as the Netherlands Court of Audit’s new Secretary-General at an extraordinary Board meeting ...

News item | 04-12-2017 | 11:30

Court of Audit appoints Ellen Verolme as new director

The Netherlands Court of Audit has appointed Ellen Verolme as a director with effect from 1 January 2018. She currently holds the ...

News item | 14-11-2017 | 13:30

More former suspects receiving damages after short stay in police cells

An audit by the Netherlands Court of Audit into the practice of pre-trial detention in the Netherlands has found that an ever ...

News item | 14-11-2017 | 06:00

Netherlands Court of Audit appoints new director, Willemijn van Helden

The Netherlands Court of Audit has appointed Willemijn van Helden as a director with effect from 1 January 2018. She is currently ...

News item | 30-10-2017 | 16:00