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What is the European banking union and will it prevent a future banking crisis?

The banking crisis of 2007 and 2008 laid bare vast inadequacies in the structure and practical supervision of domestic financial ...

Frequently asked questions

Does the Netherlands spend EU grants in accordance with the rules?

Frequently asked questions

Understanding algorithms

The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated the Dutch government’s use of algorithms. The government, like private companies, ...

Report | 26-01-2021

Audit framework for algorithms

Publication | 26-01-2021

Peer Review of The Netherlands Court of Audit

Positive peer review of the Netherlands Court of Audit, with recommendations At the request of the Netherlands Court of Audit, ...

Report | 25-01-2021

Trust in Accountability | Strategy 2021–2025

In its new strategy for 2021-2025, the Netherlands Court of Audit will conduct its audits more specifically from the perspective ...

Publication | 25-01-2021

An invisible problem

Poor quality of data on environmental crime and offences Typing errors, records entered under different names and inconsistent ...

Report | 20-01-2021

Preparation for resolution of medium-sized and small banks in the euro area

Results of a parallel audit of supreme audit institions on banking resolution Seven supreme audit institutions in the euro area ...

Report | 16-12-2020

Social security and labour market flexibility

Social safety nets for workers on flexible labour contracts: the current picture  The Netherlands Court of Audit performed a ...

Report | 09-12-2020

Netherlands Court of Audit’s activities relating to COVID-19 related activities

The Netherlands Court of Audit carefully examines public accountability for the financial aspects of corona-related measures. ...

Publication | 07-12-2020