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Focus on the Tax and Customs Administration’s enforcement of false self-employment law

The Tax and Customs Administration’s approach to false self-employment in the engagement of specialists in various business ...

Report | 05-04-2022

In care, out of sight

Are patients receiving good forensic care? It is uncertain whether the forensic care provided to convicts helps their recovery ...

Report | 23-03-2022

Government request to audit MH17 costs

Letter to the President of the House of Representatives of the States-General

Publication | 14-03-2022

Insight into Inspection Reports

Audit of the effect of 3 reports issued by the Justice and Security Inspectorate The Netherlands Court of Audit has investigated ...

Report | 26-01-2022

Internationale samenwerking

This animation shows why the Court of Audit is collaborating internationally. A number of examples explain how this works.

Video | 24-12-2021

Where is the black-tailed godwit?

Policy to protect meadow birds is not working The policy to protect meadow birds such as the black-tailed godwit is not working. ...

Report | 14-12-2021

How will Brexit affect the Netherlands?

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How does the EU ensure that its member states keep their budgets in check?

The 1992 Maastricht Treaty laid the foundation for coordination of the economic policies of the EU member states. The treaty sets ...

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Macro-prudential supervision

The European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) is designed to safeguard the soundness of the European financial system by undertaking ...

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The European Semester

The European Semester is the annual cycle of economic and budgetary policy coordination in the EU member states. The Semester ...

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