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  1. Inter Expo Caribbean

    Speech by Board member Ewout Irrgang at Inter Expo Caribbean, 7 December 2023

    Speech | 07-12-2023

  2. seminar Audit Energy

    Opening seminar 30 November 2023 EU Network Audit Energy by Vice President Barbara Joziasse of the Netherlands Court of Audit ...

    Speech | 30-11-2023

  3. Statement on the constitutional role, mandate and independence of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland

    Publication | 22-11-2023

  4. Beyond the dyke

    Flood safety options With climate change increasing the risk of flooding, the Netherlands needs to take a broader approach to ...

    Report | 12-10-2023

  5. Focus on hazardous working conditions

    Some 200,000 people suffer an accident at work every year in the Netherlands. About 60 die as a result. An estimated 4,000 people ...

    Report | 10-10-2023

  6. Equality of opportunity in the MBO

    Part 1: Focus on a good starting position for all MBO students The Minister of Education, Culture and Science previously ...

    Report | 12-09-2023

  7. Annexe 1 Costs and benefits, accompanying the web page, How has the EU responded to the COVID-19 crisis and what is the impact on the Netherlands?

    Publication | 30-06-2023

  8. Annexe 1 Costs and benefits

    Publication | 27-06-2023

  9. How do The Netherlands comply with EU law?

    Frequently asked questions

  10. What measures has the EU taken in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

    Frequently asked questions