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  1. What is the financial impact of EU COVID-19 measures on the Netherlands?

    The EU has been taking measures since March 2020 to cushion the financial and socioeconomic consequences for the EU member states ...

    Frequently asked questions

  2. Appendix 2 Receipt Netherlands from Horizon and state aid

    Publication | 19-06-2022

  3. Appendix 1 Cost and benefit of EU measures

    Publication | 19-06-2022

  4. Combating money laundering part 3: status in 2021

    Private parties are disclosing more unusual transactions, law enforcement agencies are referring more cases to the Public ...

    Report | 08-06-2022

  5. Confiscation of the Proceeds of Crime

    Many seeds, meagre harvest Under the motto ‘crime must nor pay’, additional budgets of at least €634.1 million were released ...

    Report | 08-06-2022

  6. Speech by Mr Ewout Irrgang, Vice President Netherlands Court of Audit, at the The World Justice Forum -2022 in The Hague

    Session organized by IDI: “Challenges and Trends for Accountability Institutions”

    Speech | 02-06-2022

  7. Presentation Facing challenges in accountability at World Justice Forum -2022 in The Hague

    Publication | 02-06-2022

  8. Netherlands Court of Audit Thesis Prize Regulations

    Publication | 01-06-2022

  9. Algorithms 2

    Video | 18-05-2022

  10. An Audit of 9 Algorithms used by the Dutch Government

    Responsible use of algorithms by government agencies is possible but not always the case in practice. The Netherlands Court of ...

    Report | 18-05-2022