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  1. Supreme Audit Institutions express concerns regarding developments in Poland

    The Contact Committee of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the EU has issued a statement expressing its concerns regarding ...

    News item | 22-11-2023 | 12:14

  2. Delta Congress participants challenged to make the right flood safety decisions

    The Netherlands really has to make work of wider flood safety policy. Simply reinforcing the dykes is not enough. The Court of ...

    News item | 09-11-2023 | 16:00

  3. Broader approach needed to safety behind the dykes

    Minister of I&W must look beyond 2050 To make real work of the policy to protect the Netherlands from flooding, the Minister of ...

    News item | 12-10-2023 | 16:00

  4. Many work-related accidents not reported to Labour Authority

    Some 200,000 people suffer an accident at work every year in the Netherlands. About 60 die as a result and an estimated 4,000 ...

    News item | 10-10-2023 | 12:00

  5. SAIs of Suriname and the Netherlands: sharing knowledge and expertise

    The supreme audit institutions of the Netherlands and Suriname signed a Memorandum of Understanding this week for the exchange of ...

    News item | 06-10-2023 | 11:59

  6. 71% of our recommendations lead to action

    The Progress Monitor 2023 shows that 71% of our recommendations lead to action by a minister or state secretary. This is in line ...

    News item | 28-09-2023 | 14:00

  7. Budget letters 2024: pleased with consideration of broad prosperity, keep an eye on feasibility

    Every year, the Netherlands Court of Audit publishes its considerations on the draft budget that the government submits to the ...

    News item | 28-09-2023 | 14:00

  8. Room for underspending in Accountability Audit

    The Netherlands Court of Audit informed the House of Representatives by letter of 28 September 2023 how it would deal with the ...

    News item | 28-09-2023 | 14:00

  9. Senators invited to the Netherlands Court of Audit

    At the invitation of the Netherlands Court of Audit, a delegation of 20 members of the Dutch Senate made an introductory visit to ...

    News item | 26-09-2023 | 18:30

  10. Unclear whether central government policy is boosting equal opportunities for MBO students

    Are measures and extra funding benefiting the most vulnerable young people? The Minister of Education, Culture and Science ...

    News item | 12-09-2023 | 16:00